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INCORPORATES: Logo design, UX/UI Design, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Videography & Photography

For the logo, I chose a bold sans-serif typeface in black, complemented by a warm grey. I introduced contrast to the images by unifying them with this palette and juxtaposing flowing garments with the rugged sturdiness of stoneware. This created a harmonious interplay, accentuating both the graceful flow of my designs and the robust nature of the ceramics.

The essence of Feu et Sol's visual identity lies in the celebration of my own handcrafted ceramics, often inspired by the sea's natural wonders. Infused with an organic and imperfect charm, I aimed to accentuate their raw beauty. The design embraces this roughness while juxtaposing it with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. This ensures that while the branding maintains a strong presence, it never detracts from the intricate design details.

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