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INCORPORATES: Logo design, Illustrator Photoshop, InDesign & Product photography

Anna Brandt embarked on a journey into the world of waste materials, intrigued by the potential of using horns in her creations. Today, she transforms horns and recycled silver into exquisite and enduring jewelry with a contemporary twist—a perfect combination for the modern woman.

In early 2023, Anna Brandt established Tid Studio, an eco-conscious jewelry brand. Anna's background includes three years of dedicated study in Product Design, with a keen focus on sustainable development. Her exploration began during her bachelor's project, where she repurposed waste materials from the renowned Swedish furniture brand, Blå Station. This transformative experience set her on a path she hasn't deviated from since.

Additionally, I curated a neutral color palette to complement the use of natural materials. This palette includes gentle shades of bone, sand, deep olive green, and charcoal.

Anna approached me with a specific vision: she sought a minimalistic, clean, and opulent logo design that incorporated the sun as a motif. She emphasized the importance of timelessness and preferred a design that didn't lean too heavily towards femininity.