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INCORPORATES: Layout, Website Design, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom & Photography

Stiltje was founded by Pamela Moëll out of a personal need for distinctive, high-quality materials during her own renovation in 2001. Stiltje has evolved into a prominent brand with two showrooms in Sweden and a thriving online presence across the EU and social media platforms. The primary aim of Stiltje is to craft materials that endure generations, gaining beauty over time and becoming the centerpiece of any home.

Stiltje aimed to align their visual identity with their brand goals and existing logo while seeking design assets and a website revamp. The result is a refined, timeless design that highlights materials through clean aesthetics, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. The project also prioritized cohesive brand identity, incorporating shared elements to enhance brand recognition.

Various layout options were explored during the decision-making process, and ultimately, the one on the left was selected. Subsequently, the chosen layout underwent further refinement, focusing on enhancements in text placement, size, and kerning.

The project kicked off by conceptualizing compact labels intended for placement on the backside of material samples. These labels were designed to accommodate the material's name and color details. The inspiration for this evolved into utilizing the stroke from the logotype to construct a structured box system.


To keep building a cohesive brand identity we decided to use the box system throughout the entire project, which included the new website. Using boxes and lines to highlight important aspects such as the menu, submenus and buttons. 

We decided to stick with black and white as our primary colors because of the extent of different products that the colors needed to compliment. Instead we focused on highlighting the images of the materials. We did however add two complimentary colors for alternative backgrounds and accents.