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Swedish Tea Collective


INCORPORATES: Logo design, Animation, Color Palette, PowerPoint Template, Typography

Swedish Tea Collective, located in the scenic region of Skåne, began as a student project with the question of whether it's possible to cultivate tea in Sweden. The project's objective is to establish a plant nursery, provide concepts, and offer education in Swedish tea cultivation.

Jon Kårby's Swedish Tea Collective is a visionary project that started with a simple idea: to bring the world of tea closer to those who cherish quality and craftsmanship. His inspiration was sparked during a journey to Sri Lanka, where he encountered small-scale tea producers crafting their teas with passion and artistry. This experience led him to embark on a journey of tea exploration and innovation.

The chosen color palette drew its inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of Skåne, with its expansive white sand beaches and vibrant rape seed fields, capturing the essence of the region's natural beauty.

The founder, Jon Kårby, approached me in the beginning of 2023 with a request for a classic yet modern branding, which encompassed logotypes, a PowerPoint presentation theme, an animation, typography, and a unique color scheme. In response, I designed a brand identity that merges classic aesthetics with a modern twist through a splash of color.





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